Industrial Floor Coatings
Building enduring floors for buildings varying from parking lots to warehouses, from product processing facilities to food storage areas, from textile factories to automotive plants to resist the heaviest loads is what METEL has been doing for more than 20 years and it is the field that METEL is excelled in. You determine your objective and expectations and we select the system together. We guarantee that we will select optimum conditions for you, you will not make any unnecessary expenses and you will not face with a selection that doesn’t comply with your conditions.
We are at your service with our knowledge and experience including our expertise in developing products for the last fifteen years and producing domestic floor hardeners made of the best quality local raw materials in a market where only imported goods were on sale, building durable floors enduring severest conditions all over the world and foreseeing the problems during the production phase and taking necessary measures. 
Başa Dön