About Us

Established in 1986 to protect steel and reinforced concrete constructions against the damages of corrosion and similar environmental damages METEL specialized in the maintenance of reinforced concrete buildings in time and met our country’s deficit in this field.

Having references from the biggest institutions and buildings for examining the damages caused by wearing out due to chemical and physical effects and impacts of ground movements, finding scientific solutions to these problems, conceptualizing projects and manufacturing, METEL is member of international organizations such as ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute) and ACI (American Concrete Institute).

METEL is proud of being the specialized company in demand in every industry from Textile to Automotive, from Marine Structures to Aviation Structures due to its expertise to manufacture, especially industrial floors having high chemical and physical resistance by using the systems it developed and also by manufacturing aesthetic floors for shopping malls, hotels and airport terminals where the importance is placed on visual values as a result of its investments during recent years and performing all of these under corporate guarantee.

We can’t be proud enough for still working together with the giants of Turkish construction industry at the end of nowhere all around the world in our 20th anniversary with whom we have worked in our establishment year, being a favored and trusted company for them. We are grateful and thankful to those who contributed our company to come this far.


Başa Dön